Castilla Center of Spanish Studies  was founded in 1988. We started full of enthusiasm and goals, but above all with a great passion for creative work. In a short period of time our Centre has had a brilliant career. Exceeding our expectations we expanded to two floors due to the continuous increase in the number of our students and a new appendices.

The teachers are Spanish teachers, with many years of experience in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. We continue to provide our services as specialists in Spanish, and only in Spanish, preparing our prospective students with complete success for the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 exams, as well as for their studies in Spain (Erasmus programme, postgraduate studies and PhD, Spanish Literature or Translation), providing them with all the information they need quickly and methodically.

Our students, not without reason, talk about our places and describe them as "with a Spanish fragrance". Every corner is carefully considered to make the student feel that they are not in a place where they are simply learning another foreign language, but are in a space that is purely Spanish in every detail in terms of aesthetics. We believe that whoever learns a language must know the culture, lifestyle, culture and history of the country in order to consolidate the language and enjoy practicing it. We also organize celebrations with Spanish music and sangria.

The students who study with us are completely satisfied with our services. The success rate in exams is over 90%. It is obvious with all this that the most important step is to make the right choice in order for any effort to be effective. We wish you good progress in your studies.

The coordinator of the studies programme

Elena Mourelatos Santamaría

Spanish Language Philologist

Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

Teacher of Spanish Language

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