GROUPS 2021-2022



·        Hours: 5 hours per week

·         Days: Monday - Wednesday or Tuesday – Thursday

·        Hours: 10.30 - 12.35 or 17.40 - 19.45 or 20.00 - 22.05

·        Circle of Studies: October - late May or November – June

·        Levels covered: A1, A2 and B1.1

·        Diplomas: DELE B1 or KPI B1


·        Hours: 6 hours per week

·        Days: Monday - Wednesday or Tuesday – Thursday

·        Hours: 10.00 - 12.30 or 17.15 - 19.45 or 20.00 - 22.30

·        Study cycle: mid-October - November (break July, August)

·        Levels covered: A1, A2, B1 and B2

·        Diplomas: DELE B2 or KPI B2


·        Students per class: from 5 to 9

·        Duration of lesson: 50 minutes

·        Face-to-face or online or blended: All supported

·        Upon registration: the 1st instalment is paid

·        Holidays: The Greek Universities

·        Other services: Lending library, travel, Spanish parties with sangria and paella, theatre

·        Absences:  

It is advisable that students do not exceed one (1) absence each month. During their examination periods at the University we recommend that they simply attend so as not to lose contact with the language, or that they only be absent when the examination time coincides with the class time. The Management, the Teachers and the Secretariat of the Tutoring Centre are always at the students' disposal to solve any problem that may arise.



             A )  Communication classes

These courses are for those who simply want to learn the language at a slow pace.

Duration: Hours per week: 3 (one 3-hour lesson)

Programme: Friday afternoon.

            B) Preparation courses for Spanish-speaking universities (studies or exchange programmes such as Erasmus).

Duration: Depending on student's time.

Hours per week: 6 (two three-hour courses) or 4 (two two two-hour courses)

Programme: Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday, morning, lunch, afternoon or evening classes.

Literature and translation courses, morning, afternoon, evening or evening.

For students at C1&C2 level.

             C) History and Culture course

For students at B2 level and above

Duration: mid-October to May.

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